Tuesday, March 15, 2011

This is a mock show that I curated for my Museum Studies class last semester. The title of the show was Shadows and Shapes and all of the photographs are black and white images made prior to 1950. These images are all a huge inspiration to me and have a lot of influence on my own photographs.

Berenice Abbott, “El”, Second and Third Avenue Lines


Berenice Abbott, City Arabesque from roof of 60 Wall Tower

Edward Weston, Dunes, Oceano

Umbo, Mystery of the Street

Paul Strand, Abstraction, Twin Lakes, Connecticut

Andre Kertész, Montmartre

Andre Kertész, Southport, Long Island

László Moholy-Nagy, Bauhaus Balconies

Margaret Bourke-White, Checking a Grinding Machine in a Flour Mill

Margaret Bourke-White, Chrysler: Gears

Margaret Bourke-White, Untitled (RCA Speakers)